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From Italian vineyards


Our partner VEGEA® has created an innovative material characterized by the high content of vegetal, renewable and recycled raw materials: grape leftovers from winemaking, vegetal oils and natural fibers from agriculture.

VEGEA® works closely with Italian vineyards making the GrapeSkin a 100% Italian material. The name VEG (Vegan) and GEA (Mother Earth) was chosen to identify the next generation of animal alternative materials

From grape waste to a wearable material


VEGEA® is made of a bio-compound characterized by a content of plant based raw materials which is spread on sustainable backing textiles. 

The wine industry in Italy produces tons of wine each year, during the process the waste wine is usually thrown away. 

The grape waste is recycled and mixed with bio-PU and recycled polyester to create a leather-like material. By using natural vegetal products and mixing it with recycled plastics it is not only helping to  stop the production of new plastics which causes mass destruction to our planet, it is clearing the earth of waste products and giving them a new lease of life. 

PETA-Approved vegan and Global Change Award


VEGEA® is an animal-free material and is PETA-Approved Vegan and certified vegan by the Vegan Society. 

VEGEA® was awarded first prize of the Global Change Award for the innovative bio-materials developped.

55% grape waste


The GrapeSkin is made using a high content of vegetal, renewable and recyclable raw materials: grape skin from winemaking, vegetal oils and natural fibres from agriculture. Within 3 years, the grape level has increased from 33% to 55% of the total material. 

Composition: 55% grape, 22% bio-PU, 23% recycled polyester

Download here the VEGEA Technical Data Sheet

Vegan and recycled materials


VEGEA's mission is to contribute to a sustainable fashion industry through the production of low environmental impact materials. The GrapeSkin is REACH compliant, animal-free and made in Italy. 

Our LCA study made by certified agency Sami (Climate Plus) indicates our GrapeSkin emits 3.8kgC02/m2 versus 60.1kgC02/m2 for animal leather on average.

According to Carbon Fact study, our Grape sneakers emit on average 69% less carbon than an average pair of sneakers and have a carbon footprint of 5kg CO2 per pair.

Certifications and Labels


MoEa is reponsible for the materials used to produce your sneakers. Thus we are only working with certified and labelled materials.

VEGEA® was awarded first prize of the Global Change Award for the innovative bio-materials developped.

It is VEGAN certified, REACH Compliant and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. 

Download here the certifications.