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Our collection of bio-sneakers made from grapes: low-carbon, vegan and sustainable.

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Best seller GEN1 - Jean André x MoEaGEN1 - Jean André x MoEa
GEN1 - Jean André x MoEa Sale price€170,00
GrapeSkin 🍇
Best seller GEN1 - Grapes Full WhiteGEN1 - Grapes Full White
GEN1 - Grapes Full White Sale price€159,00
GrapeSkin 🍇
Best seller GEN1 - All InGEN1 - All In
GEN1 - All In Sale price€165,00
All-In 🌈
Best seller GEN2 - All InGEN2 - All In
GEN2 - All In Sale price€189,00
All-In 🌈
New GEN1 - Velcro Grapes Full WhiteGEN1 - Velcro Grapes Full White
GrapeSkin 🍇
3 new colorways to shop
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New GEN1 - Grapes Retro White & BlackGEN1 - Grapes Retro White & Black
GrapeSkin 🍇
New GEN3 - Velcro Grapes Full WhiteGEN3 - Velcro Grapes Full White
GrapeSkin 🍇
New GEN1 - Grapes Retro Full BlackGEN1 - Grapes Retro Full Black
GEN1 - Grapes Retro Full Black Sale price€169,00
GrapeSkin 🍇
GEN1 - Grapes T. BlackGEN1 - Grapes T. Black
GEN1 - Grapes T. Black Sale price€159,00
GrapeSkin 🍇
GEN2 - Grapes Full WhiteGEN2 - Grapes Full White
GEN2 - Grapes Full White Sale price€189,00
GrapeSkin 🍇
GEN3 - Grapes Full WhiteGEN3 - Grapes Full White
GEN3 - Grapes Full White Sale price€145,00
GrapeSkin 🍇
GEN1 - Grapes White & Wine SuedeGEN1 - Grapes White & Wine Suede
GrapeSkin 🍇
Best seller GEN1 - All In TerraGEN1 - All In Terra
GEN1 - All In Terra Sale price€159,00
All-In 🌈
GEN1 - Mid Grapes Full WhiteGEN1 - Mid Grapes Full White
GEN1 - Mid Grapes Full White Sale price€179,00
GrapeSkin 🍇