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A unique material made from waste pineapple leaf fibres


Our PineappleSkin is named Piñatex®, a unique material made from waste pineapple leaf fibres by innovating company Ananas Anam. 

As a waste-based product that provides work for farming communities in the Philippines, its ethical and environmental credentials are exceptional.

The pineapple leaves come from collective pineapple farms in the Philippines and they are transformed into PineappleSkin in Spain.

From waste to a wearable material


The process of making Piñatex Performance starts after harvesting pineapples, when the leaves have been collected.

The process consists in extracting the long leaf fibres, washing them and letting them dry naturally to purify the fibres. The residual biomass from the fibre extraction is used as fertilisers to re-plant crops. 

This fluff-like pineapple leaf fibre (PALF) is mixed with a corn-based polylactic acid (PLA) to create Piñafelt™, a non-woven mesh which forms the base of all Piñatex collections: 80% pineapple leaf fibres mixed with 20% PLA.

The Piñafelt™ is finally coloured with pigments coated with PU and bio-based PU to make Piñatex, our PineappleSkin. 

Certified B Corp and Peta-Approved Vegan


Our partner Ananas Anam's aim is to reduce the environmental
impact generated by the textile industry. All Piñatex products are PETA Approved Vegan and certified vegan by The Vegan Society. 

All the production needs are based on kind manufacturing principles, with every single person that forms part of the creation of Piñatex receiving fair wages (from the pineapple farmers to Ananas Anam factory partners).

The most amount of fruit of all biomaterials


Our pineapple sneakers contain the most amount of fruit with these made up of 72% pineapple leaves. 

Composition: 72% pineapple fibers, 18% polylactic acid, 5% bio-PU, 5% PU

Exceptional environmental credentials


It is estimated that 28.18 million metric tons of pineapples are produced each year. By not burning the mass amounts of waste leaves,  264 Co2 tons have been saved from entering the atmosphere. 

Our LCA made by the certified solution FAIRLY MADE® indicates our PineappleSkin emits 1.67kg of C02 per m² versus 61kg of C02 per m² for animal leather.

According to this study, our GEN1 sneakers emit on average 79% less carbon than a leather pair, and have a carbon footprint of 6.38kg of CO2 per pair.

Certifications and Labels


MoEa is reponsible for the materials used to produce your sneakers. Thus we are only working with certified and labelled materials. 

Piñatex® is a certified B Corp company and is cerified vegan by PETA and The Vegan Society. 

Our PineappleSkin is USDA Bio-Preferred certified and PETA Approved Vegan.