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Exchanges preorders

To exchange your sneakers bought on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, please send us back the pair(s) you wish to exchange to this address:

ADS Evreux | Retours BIG MOEA ZAC
Multi-site Long Buisson 2

Rue Rolland Garros
We only accept returns that meet the following three points:
1. The pair must be returned in its original state. Any pair showing signs of outdoor wear will be refused (dirty soles, pleats, etc.)
2. The shoebox is not a return package. It must imperatively be placed in cardboard packaging. Any box with tape or a shipping label will be set aside. We recommend that you use the delivery packaging if it is in good condition.
3. The Delivery note must be included in the package otherwise your return cannot be identified. If you misplaced it, reply to this email and we'll resend it to you :)
Here are some websites that will show you some of the cheaper couriers available in your country:
Once we have received your order we will send you a discount code so that you can order a new pair for free.
Please note that all pairs bought during the campaign can only be exchanged and not refunded.

Send an email to welcome@moea.io if you have any questions.