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Our cactus sneakers is a retro-inspired sneaker with a full green color.
- Made in Mexico, cactus from a certified and organic cactus farms.
- 40% cactus skin, 32% organic cotton, 28% bioPU.
- USDA bio-preffered, PETA approved VEGAN.
- Animal-free and PETA Approved-Vegan.

Bio-based Vegan Recycled Made in E.U Low carbon
Free shipping worldwide

Cactus skins and oil from the Mexican desert are crushed to make Cactus leather into a wearable material.
- Handcrafted in Portugal, GuimarΓ£es
-Β Upper: 40% cactus skin, 32% organic cotton, 28% bioPU, made in Mexico
- Rubber sole: 40% recycled rubber, 60% natural rubber
- The sole is strong and sewed to the upper
- Lining: 75% bamboo & 25% polyester, OEKO TEX 10
- Insoles: 75% recycled wood, 25% polyester foam and are removable
- Laces: 100% organic cotton laces, certified GOTS 100
- Labels: 100% recycled polyester
- Vegan & water-based glues
- 100% recycled cardboard

This model has been audited and certified :
- Peta Approved VEGAN
- USDA bio-preffered
- OEKO TEX standard 1
- GOTS 100
- Global recycled Standards
- Low Carbon Product

It is fully recyclable into new soles.

Before 15th January, all orders will be shipped within two weeks.


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Delivery mode Delay Price
Home delivery 2 - 6Β  business days Free
Express home delivery 1 - 3 business days 12€
Exchanges & returns are free for all orders in Europe up to 30 days after delivery.
Outside Europe, only the shipment of the new pair is free.

Please email to receive your return label for European orders and to obtain the return address for orders in the rest of the world.

You will get an answer after 24 hours maximum.



The production process of cactus leather starts at a certified organic cactus farm in the state of Zacatecas in Mexico. To make the cactus leather, only the mature leaves are harvested, keeping the core of the cacti intact, meaning in 6-8 months the leaves will have grown back and the cacti can be re-harvested. The cacti are organically grown and do so in their natural habitat.

Made in Mexico

40% cactus skin, 32% organic cotton, 28% bioPU

USDA bio-preffered, PETA approved VEGAN

CactusSkin features


One of the best qualities of cacti is that they notoriously use very little water to grow and be maintained. In comparison, the average pair of leather sneakers will use a whopping 2,257 gallons of water during the production process. These kinds of figures really define how water-conservative and energy-efficient our cactus sneakers are.

Our CactusSkin 4.0kgC02/m2 versus 60.1kgC02/m2 for animal leather on average.

Download here our Life Cycle Assessment

Peta Approved


In 2021, MoEa was audited by PETA and is now PETA approved vegan.

Download here our certification

Sustainable Components


We only use vegan and clean materials made in Europe.

- Our soles are made in Portugal out of recycled rubber (40% recycled rubber, 60% natural rubber). Strong and durable.

- Our laces are made in Italy out of GOTS organic cotton.

- Our lining is made in Spain out of recycled bamboo (75% recycled bamboo, 25% recycled polyester). Soft as huging a baby panda.

- Our glues are vegan and water-based and made in Portugal.

- Our packaging is made in Portugal out of 100% recycled paper. Stylish and eco-friendly.

Giving back to the planet


MoEa is member of the WWF French start-up club recognizing that MoEa is a socially and environmentally engaged brand.

MoEa is also member of the 1% for the Planet organization through which we give back 1% of our annual sales to the WWF Forest Protection programs.

Follow WWF Startup Club actions and make a donation here.

From the 90s


Our goal is to unite Fashion and Science. We are willing to produce vegan and low carbon sneakers, but also fashionable. Our styles are directly inspired from the 90s.

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