GEN1 - Pet Bottle White & Sky Blue

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Highly resistant, breathable and comfortable sneakers made from recycled PET bottles and GrapeSkin, a low carbon & cruelty-free innovative bio-material. Premium manufactured in Portugal with fully certified materials, the All-in are a fashionable alternative to both destructive leather and plastic sneakers.

Bio-based Vegan Recycled Made in E.U Low carbon
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The light blue inserts are made of "PET Bottle" and the white base is made of GrapeSkin.

- Handcrafted in Portugal, Guimarães
- Upper: 32% grape, 22% bio-PU, 46% recycled polyester, made in Italy
- Inserts: 50% recycled PET from ocean bottle waste, 50% recycled PU
- Rubber sole: 40% recycled rubber, 60% natural rubber
- The sole is strong and sewed to the upper
- Lining: 75% bamboo & 25% polyester, OEKO TEX 10
- Insoles: 75% recycled wood, 25% polyester foam and are removable
- Laces: 100% organic cotton laces, certified GOTS 100
- Labels: 100% recycled polyester
- Vegan & water-based glues
- 100% recycled cardboard

This model has been audited and certified :
- Peta Approved VEGAN
- REACH certified
- OEKO TEX standard 1
- GOTS 100
- Global Recycled Standards
- Low Carbon Product

It is fully recyclable into new soles.

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Ocean waste


The pair's sky-blue inserts are made from plastic bottles recovered from the oceans for recycling into MoEa sneakers 💧

- Peta Approved VEGAN
- REACH certified
- OEKO TEX standard 1
- GOTS 100
- Global Recycled Standards
- Low Carbon Product



PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) is used to package most of carbonated bottled water. It has a smaller carbon footprint than alternatives and is the most recyclable plastic in the world.

Peta Approved


In 2021, MoEa was audited by PETA and is now PETA approved vegan.

Download here our certification

Giving back to the planet


MoEa is member of the WWF French start-up club recognizing that MoEa is a socially and environmentally engaged brand.

MoEa is also member of the 1% for the Planet organization through which we give back 1% of our annual sales to the WWF Forest Protection programs.

Follow WWF Startup Club actions and make a donation here.

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