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We are MoEa, we pioneer and use bio-materials to replace leather and plastic that are planet killers. Science brings you the next-generation of sneakers which are entirely made from plants and recycled materials. MoEas are sustainablePETA-approved vegan, and recyclable. Science meets Fashion. 

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Using Low Carbon Bio-Materials


Using bio-materials and producing locally are the two main reasons why a pair of MoEa sneakers emit less carbon than an average pair of shoes.

Bio-materials carbon impacts rank between 3.49 and 13.93 kgCO2eq/m2, depending on the type of vegan material as well as
the type of end-of-life (incineration or recycling).

On average, a vegan bio-material emits 6.6 kgCO2eq/m2, which is much less emissive than bovine leathers (-89%), provided one
takes into account part of farming emissions for bovine leathers, whose carbon impact would then be over 60 kgCO2eq/m2.

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All MoEa products are PETA-Approved


In 2021, MoEa was audited by PETA and is now PETA approved vegan.

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Sustainable all the way

Only sustainable components

All materials used are sourced to decrease our impact on the environement:

✔️ No chemical water-based glue

✔️ Italian organic cotton laces

✔️ 40% recycled rubber sole

Nature everywhere

Made from bamboo and wood fiber

All details are thought out in respect of Mother Earth:

✔️ 100% recycled wood fiber insole

✔️ 75% recycled bamboo lining

MoEa sneakers are made in Portugal, a country known to respect working conditions, in the respect of European law.

Single box

low carbon recycled box

Our box is made out of recycled cardboard :

✔️ Delivered directly in a shoebox: no box in a box

✔️ No unnecessary flyer

✔️ No unnecessary packaging / pouch

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GEN1 - All In

GEN1 - All In


"MoEa is a big hit on Kickstarter, they're making sustainable sneakers that are a solid alternative to leather"