From non edible American corn


Corn is for long used as biofuel and other uses to replace oil-based materials. When it comes to fashion, our partner Viridis® has find a way to produce animal-free and sustainable wearable materials from corn.

The corn is a non-edible American corn imported and transformed in Italy by Viridis®.

From corn to a wearable material


The CornSkin's breakthrough for leather-alternative materials is that it is the only PU made with renewable resources.

Viridis® contains 43% of polyols coming from corn grown for industrial end-use, processed into ethanol and its by-products. This corn is not the canned one produced for the food sector. Just about anything that can be made from a barrel of oil can be made from a bushel of corn and that is why renewable, environmentally-friendly corn is replacing petroleum products.

The CornSkin maeterial is thus a polymers from raw plant-related renewable materials. Viridis® contains 43% of polyols coming from corn, the only existing PU having a total biobased content equal to 69%.

PETA-Approved vegan and Ranked VV


Viridis is approved Vegan by PETA and is ranked VV in the Animal Free Fashion rating designed by LAV.

69% of corn


Viridis® biobased content is equal to 69%, its corn-derived and FSC viscosecontent makes it the most green product among the synthetic fabrics: 43 % corn polyols, 26 % FSC viscose and 31% normal PU.

Composition: 69% corn skin and oil, 31% PU

Bio-based materials and animal-free


Viridis has edited its own Life Cycle Assessment showing CornSkin is more sustainable in the following categories: Health, Impact on Climate Change, Use of natural resources and animal-free.

Our LCA study made by certified agency Sami (Climate Plus) indicates our CornSkin emits 7.3kgC02/m2 versus 60.1kgC02/m2 for animal leather on average.

According to Carbon Fact study, our Cactus sneakers emit on average 61% less carbon than an average pair of sneakers and have a carbon footprint of 6kg CO2 per pair. Find here the detailed report.

Certifications and Labels


MoEa is reponsible for the materials used to produce your sneakers. Thus we are only working with certified and labelled materials.

Viridis® is a PETA Approved Vegan company and our CornSkin is certified OEKO-TEX Standard10 and USDA Bio-Preferred.

Download here the certifications.

Sneakers made from CornSkin